New Leaf Wellness Retreat


… a blissful fusion of wellness awaits.


The new leaf way

New Leaf Wellness Retreat is a full-service, luxury retreat company offering yoga, fitness, health and wellness vacations. 

Whether your desire is to unleash your inner yogi, transform your life, jump-start your fitness routine or simply to try something different, we have a retreat for you.

Come as you are – individuals, couples or groups can sign-up to attend our scheduled group retreats or book private getaways at any of our retreat destinations year-round.

If you’re tired of luxury vacations that are long on relaxation but short on leaving a lasting impact, it’s time for a luxury wellness retreat that has the power to transform your health and well-being for the rest of your life.



If you found our site, chances are, you value your health and well-being. Whether you’re in search of a getaway for physical, emotional or spiritual wellness, it’s our mission to provide you the time, space and resources you need to restore your health.

Imagine a getaway from your everyday stressors where the obstacles to losing weight, being active or simply feeling better have been removed…

When our founder launched New Leaf Wellness Retreat, she envisioned a place just like this where people could go to be free from the temptations, distractions and stressors found in their everyday lives- a place where people go and come back from feeling better.

At New Leaf Wellness Retreat, we believe that optimal health begins with the healing power of food which is why we provide our guests with plant-based, organic meals during their stay. We also believe that physical, emotional and spiritual health are all vital to our happiness and well-being. For this reason, you’ll notice our retreat itineraries are structured around yoga, hiking, fitness sessions and a variety of other mind-body activities.



This is a true wellness retreat! Expert fitness instruction, expert nutrition consultation with delicious and nutritious food. This is exactly what I needed for sustainable wellness. This retreat is staffed with experts who provide a safe environment. I would love to do this again.
— M. Taylor
This was an absolutely fabulous weekend! i cannot fully express the joy and camaraderie i felt with this amazing group of women! i love each one of them and hope we all keep in touch with one another.
— m. fiscus
this retreat was divinely inspired and perfect for what i was needing and wanting. exceeded my expectations. Loved it! Thank you so much!
— a. sowers
Very refreshing experience. I learned a lot and I loved the food.
— V. Munoz
It was a really nice experience. Environment and people were just great. Being able to share experiences and goals with people that are really prepared was good for me. I was also able to get feedback and expert advice for my daily workouts.
— J. Lopez
Wonderful, relaxing, restful, educational, fun.
— T. Thompson
I loved that everyone who lead this retreat was passionate about the services they provided. This was the ideal balance of activities for me. I would love to have a reunion with this group in a year.
— C. Miller
It was really amazing and exactly what I needed. the mix of activities was great. food and amenities were wonderful. I felt there was just the right amount of down time vs structured time. Never felt rushed but was also always looking forward to the next activity.
— A. Zirkle
Thank you all for giving up your weekend for us! I learned new things and plan to make some changes in exercise and nutrition.
— L. Rathke